TD Armocoat offers a range of coatings that can be applied on a variety of shapes, sizes, forms and surfaces. All the different coatings offered by TD Armocoat has a proven successful outcome...


TD Armocoat have the solutions to end your constant corrosion problems. We offer multiple coatings to ensure that we can provide what you need. Listed below are the various industries we serve: AutomotiveFood and...


Armoloy is compatible on the following range of manufacturing metals. ALL FERROUS METALSALL NON-FERROUS METALSTool Steels All Stainless Steels, Cold Roll/ Hot RollBerylliumBearing Steels...

About Us

TD Armocoat, TDC is a thin dense chrome coating applied through an electro coating process under license from the Armoloy Corporation USA.

We are a level 2 BEE Certified company.

It is an extremely hard precision coating applied to metal under rigid quality controls to produce amazing wear and corrosion-resistant surfaces.

The coating can be applied to most metal types, ferrous and non ferrous, with the exception being manganese and titanium.

TD Armocoat, TDC offers a unique solution to chromium coatings. Unlike conventional hard chrome, TDC is far more durable, flexible and can be applied to a far greater range of products and applications not possible through normal conventional means.

It provides a uniformly smooth, low coefficient of friction, nodular matt finish.

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Value-added benefits of TD Armocoat; TDC

  • Deposit Thickness
  • Extremely Hard 78Rc
  • Prevention of Hydrogen Embrittlement
  • Low heat application won’t distort components
  • Higher resistance to corrosion than standard chrome plating
  • Performs in temperatures from -240o to +840o C
  • Conformity
  • No chipping, cracking or peeling from the base metal
  • Improved release characteristics on moulds and dies
  • Low heat application won’t distort components
  • Reduced maintenance and machinery replacement costs
  • Smoother, faster and quieter running equipment